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Historiography, source study and methods of carrying historical research
Mounth / Year: 
2014, June
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Scientific article

In the context of modern historical science audiovisual documents are considered as a historical source, as well as a peculiar product of culture, able to significantly extend the knowledge of reality and to some extent able to assist in renovation of historical thinking in the study of the past. Attention is paid to structure and contents of audiovisual documents as an independent group of historical sources. Such a study approach allows resolving (through the use of the opportunities, tools, techniques and methods of source-studies) a number of challenges associated with the introduction of the most valuable information contained in these sources into the public and scientific environment.

historical source, movie-document, newsreel, audiovisual document, movie-magazine, movie-plots, film, photo-document, phono-document.

1. Arkhivnoe stroitel'stvo v Kazakhskoi SSR (1918-1980 gg.) [Archive building in the Kazakh SSR (1918-1980)], Sb. zakonodatel'nykh i rukovodyashchikh dokumentov [Collection of legislative and guidance documents]. - Alma-Ata, 1980., p. 134.
2. Zakon Respubliki Kazakhstan «O Natsional'nom arkhivnom fonde i arkhivakh» [Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the National Archive Fund and Archives"] of 22 december 1998, Kazakhstanskaya Pravda ["Kazakhstan Pravda"], 24 december 1998.
3. Pri obzore audiovizual'nogo dokumental'nogo naslediya Kazakhstana privlecheny annotirovannye katalogi kinozhurnalov i dokumental'nykh fil'mov, khranyashchiesya v natsional'nom audiovizual'nom archive [Annotated catalogues of newsreels and documentaries stored in the national audiovisual archive are used in the review of the audiovisual documentary heritage of Kazakhstan].