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History of philosophy
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2016, February
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Scientific article
U.D.C. 75.046

The paper covers the main collisions of Ukrainian icons development in the XIX-XX centuries. It brightens the ambivalent attitude of the Russian intelligentsia to the ancient Russian icon painting, with the Ukrainian icon as an organic part of it. This view was determined by the specificity of world-view intentions of Russian imperial government, which sought to create a "new" iconic style contrary to the humanistic tendencies of not only old Russian, but also Ukrainian icons. The revival of interest to the ancient icon was predetermined on the one hand by actualization of scientific research in historiography, and on the other – by activities of the collectors. In general this contributed to the recognition of the icon as a kind of art. This made it possible to preserve this type of art during the "Red Terror". The fate of a home icon was more tragic. Being an important element of Ukrainian ethnic culture, it has not received adequate attention.

icon, home icon, Ukrainian icon, icon-painting, icon-dauber, painting, art

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