The first successful internship

The International Academy of Sciences and Higher Education sincerely congratulates Iryna Chekhovskaya (Ukraine) on the successful completion of the research internship at the IASHE, which was based on the trainee conducting a comprehensive study of public policy issues in the field of stimulation and social support for creation and development of family inside of Ukraine and at the international level. The educational volume of the internship was 12.84 ECTS credits. In the course of the internship, Iryna presented 3 author's scientific studies to the international expert evaluation, which received a high average score of professional certification - 8.27. Abovementioned works of Irina were published in international collections of scientific papers of the IASHE and submitted to the publication in the "GISAP: Economics, Jurisprudence and Management" journal. As a result of the internship, Iryna Chekhovskaya was awarded the qualification "International Expert Consultant in Jurisprudence", which was issued with a special diploma of the IASHE and "Europass Diploma Supplement". Period of the research internship was fixed in "Europass Mobility".


Diploma of the Expert Consultant

Europass Diploma Supplement

Europass Mobility



Diploma of the Expert Consultan