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General history (of the relevant period)
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2014, October
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Scientific article
U.D.C.: 957.41: 613.169.16

The authors of this paper explored the history of negative consequences of tests at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site (SNTS). A lot of atomic and hydrogen explosions had a devastating impact on ecology of three regions of Kazakhstan and part of the Russian Federation adjacent to the East Kazakhstan region. This has adversely affected the health of the population, has created global preconditions for emergence of cancers the extent of which is to be studied. Even today, only at the outpatient clinic of the East Kazakhstan regional oncologic dispensary hundreds of people are diagnosed for cancerous diseases. In the late 80s, with the beginning of perestroika, among the population adjacent to the testing area, there have actively occurred protests in connection with activities of the SNTS. They turned into the anti-nuclear movement. As a result, in 1991 the SNTS was closed for military purposes.

Semipalatinsk Testing Site, nuclear weapons, the arms race, nuclear explosion, environment, public health, protests, "Nevada-Semey" movement, closing the nuclear testing site, effects of nuclear testing.

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