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History - Open specialized section
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2016, June
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Type of the article: 
Scientific article

The question of exposure of key ontological elements of the "philosophical utopia" and the Christian culture of thinking are stated. After conducting their comparative analysis the status of the subject of cognition is determined. The attempts to draw a demarcation line in comprehension of the phenomena of "utopian world view" and the "Christian world view" are made. The attempts to consider the Christian
picture of the world as the complex utopian project are criticized. The modern understanding of utopia stands closer to finding a model of
perfection in it, or an alternative to the present position of a man and the whole world order. The Western European culture of thinking is
characterized by the critical position in relation to the actual state of affairs. The tradition to equate utopia and the Christian ideal of life of
a man and the world has been long ago reasonably criticized both in idealism and in materialism. This criticism has gone beyond the limits
the philosophical reflection itself.

World view, utopia, man, Christianity, God, reality, truth, picture of the world

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