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History of international relations and external policy
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2015, February
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Scientific article

In XIV-XVI centuries, development of foreign trade in England promoted the development of military merchant navy and the shipbuilding. On the basis of navigation acts (1369, 1381, 1382, 1390, 1489, 1520) the rent of military ships by traders and adventurers ensured safe movement of merchant ships and protection of them from pirate attacks on the one hand and facilitated the development of marine fleet in England on the other. During the reign of Henry VIII, there were 18 ships in the English navy and in 1547 there were 50 ships. By the ending of Elisabeth I (1603) reign, there were 200 military and transport ships in the English navy.

navigation, council acts, confiscation, Hanse, mercer, adventurers, company, fair, barge.

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