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Social philosophy
Mounth / Year: 
2014, June
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Type of the article: 
Scientific article

The article is connected with the problem of social consent as a necessary condition for social development of human personality. It was proved that social consent is a state and a process of co-operation between social subjects with the same values, needs, interests and goals. Such social group is solidary, united, well-organized and stable. Consent is one of the group characteristics able to explain the mechanism of formation of norms. It is also one of methods of translation of traditions from one generation to another. It was marked out that consent is one of the conditions for unification of individuals in a group. However it is not always possible to co-ordinate all the functional-role expectations of group members, especially if activity has creative character. The phenomenon of the “forced consent” when cognitive dissonance is formed by presence of a threat or a prospect of punishment was examined. The consent is “a mutual acceptance of roles”, when interpenetration of outlooks, assessments and feelings takes place. This allows every participant of the coordinated action to accept or reject points of view of other participants.

social consent, social development of human personality, the “forced consent” phenomenon, ”mutual acceptance of roles”, unity of individuals in a group, functional-role expectations of the group members.

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